I just voted for Andrew McCullough. I hope you will consider sharing and doing the same. Sean Reyes and his executive team are a blight of injustice for child sexual abuse victims. In 2014 I brought him the recorded admission of child sex abuse by a prosecuting attorney, who later became a powerful chief justice federal judge. These crimes occurred when I was a 16 year old victim and witness to 2 murders. Because the predator never came back to Utah and I was 16 years old at the time of the child sexual assaults, the statute of limitations hadn't begun. So he could have been held criminally accountable if the AG office would have helped me record more evidence. The predator willingly offered to speak to me any time at the end of the recording. But they never helped me get any more evidence. The way they handled my case it appears they were never going to help me, in any meaningful way. Sean Reyes' team investigated the matter for 2 weeks and then sat on it for a year and a half. I was deceived about the course of action they would take for the crimes committed against me for another 7 months. I was denied a victims rights advocate even though I requested one several times. The AG sexual assault investigators were never involved in my case. I was treated like an informant, not a victim.

On the same day I filed a civil complaint, the predator achieved an early retirement, apparently this takes months to get approved. I later found out Sean Reyes gave the predator the evidence and investigative report months before me. This privilege allowed Chief Justice Richard Roberts to achieve an early retirement of $203,000 a year on the taxpayers dime. There will never be criminal accountability for what he did to me because of the way Sean Reyes purposely handled my case. Utah citizens don't be deceived by Sean Reyes' speeches and photo ops of child sex abuse victims. We are props, not people, in this election of who wore their sexual assault victim best. #VoteHimOut My hope is that by voting for Andrew McCullough Utah citizens will FINALLY achieve real leadership, honor and integrity in the trusted position of the Utah State Attorney General's Office. Its time for a changing of the guards, one that includes JUSTICE FOR ALL

Terry Mitchell
Friday, November 4, 2016 7:36 PM

I have enjoyed knowing Andrew McCullough for few couple of years, as a friend of freedom and as Chair of the Utah Libertarian Party. As my frustration with big government policies from Utah's Republican dominated legislature grew, Andrew welcomed me and my principles and facilitated my switch to the Libertarian Party, made me feel welcome, and put me to work.

Andrew has practiced law in Utah for over 40 years, working effectively to advocate the principles of personal freedom in our State. He has been intimately involved in the fight for medical cannabis, the justice reform initiative, and the fight to reform or abolish civil forfeiture policing for profit laws. Andrew was a regular and welcome presenter, testifying at legislative committee hearings on critical issues which reveal the conflict between the interests of government and the freedom of the people -- always on the side of the people.

As the Libertarian Party candidate for Utah Attorney General, I believe Andrew would perform his job as Attorney General in a way that protects individual rights, not manages individual's lives. I ask my fellow Utahns, who esteem principle over political party, to join me in supporting Andrew McCullough for Attorney General in November.

Mark Madsen
Sunday, October 23, 2016 8:59 PM

Cool. I didn't know that about the straight party voting. I've never done that, nor would ever consider voting straight party. This election, I voted for candidates of three parties. And yes, I'm happy to endorse you, Andrew. I met you the for the first time at a legislative hearing in 1992 when I was a legislative volunteer for the ACLU and you were speaking in opposition to an obscenity bill. I've long admired your devotion to civil liberties, your legal acumen, and your superb taste in music. VOTE Andrew McCullough for Utah AG!

-Ray Matthews
October 15 at 12:02pm

Andrew McCullough will make a good Utah Attorney General. He cares about people, their constitutional rights, and fighting to protect them from government over reach.

-Fred C. Cox
Member of the Utah House of Representatives.

Thanks to Andrew McCullough, I'm actually excited to vote tomorrow. He's running for Utah Attorney General and his profile took me very pleasantly by surprise. He's an attorney with a strong background in civil rights. He's promising to work to end the war on marijuana users. This is an important issue regardless of how one feels about cannabis. Government should not use bully laws legislated to control the consumption patterns of its citizens in order to maximize the profits of special interest groups like big pharmacology. That's not freedom. That's not American.

Gretchen Mogilefsky

Utah has never been in more need of fresh leadership from outside the two-party system. I support Libertarian Andrew McCullough for Utah Attorney General.

-Marcos Camargo



I just received the "official" endorsement of Michael Aaron Green, the publisher of Q Salt Lake Magazine. Thank you, Michael for all of your support.

• Weber County Forum: Utah AG Candidate Andrew McCullough: "A Change is Gonna Come"

Utah is in desperate need of a true leader in the law enforcement community as our last 3 Attorneys General have left a lot to be desired. Between alleged fraud, corruption, threats, intimidation and outright hate and bigotry, the state needs a “top cop” who can provide strong, effective management without wasting time or revenue on ridiculous prosecutions of so-called “crimes” such as cannabis possession. Utah CARE (Cannabis Awareness, Reform and Education), the Utah Cannabis Coalition and Utah Mommies for Cannabis are all happy to announce a mutual endorsement of Libertarian candidate Andrew McCullough for Utah Attorney General. Andrew is a down to Earth, hard working, longtime Utah resident who respects and understands whole plant cannabis reform, in addition to many
other forward thinking concepts, such as marriage equality. We are happy to give him all of our support and encourage all Utah cannabis advocates to vote for Andrew.


If you support my campaign for Attorney General, please consider writing a short (25 words or less) statement of endorsement which I can post here, and e-mail it to me at wandrew@prodigy.net I may edit the endorsement, but will not post an edited version without your permission. Your support may help convince others to give theirs also.